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I'm excited you found my Homemade Preschool!  I hope you can find everything you need to bring some educational fun to your preschool.

Whether you are a full-time mom or running a preschool... Homemade Preschool is full of fun things you can use.

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What's Inside Homemade Preschool

My worksheets, or FUNsheets as I like to call them, are free, interactive and hands-on, to help make preschool learning exciting!  Each worksheet is easy to preview before downloading, making sure it's what you are looking for.  I have divided my hundreds of worksheets into great six categories: math, art, language, music, science and holiday.  I always have new worksheets in the works and loves to keep the fun learning coming!  If you ever need a special worksheet, just let me know and I'll see if I can help put something together for you.

My original and free clipart, is ready to use for your commercial and personal projects.  My collection has hundreds of fun images and most of the images come in a color and black and white version.  I love to keep the clipart images coming but if you can't find what you need, send me a message and I might be able to draw something up for you.

I think that learning should be hands-on, interactive and fun.  This is how I've put together my lesson plans, while keeping them simple and easy.  Each lesson plan is organized into different learning subjects and are very organized and easy to follow and put together.  In the lessons, children will alternate between sitting and moving, to keep them engaged and involved.  The worksheets have easy instructions and can all be downloaded from my website.  You can review each lesson plan before downloading.

Free educational books you can print, color and put together yourself.  I have great alphabet books to introduce the letters in the alphabet.  My themed books teach different topics and you can also find my "make a book" worksheets with fun pictures to build your very own book.

Easy to put together activities, that are full of learning excitement!  This is a great place to add any fun ideas you have to keep kids moving and entertained.


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