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Preschool Thanksgiving Worksheets and Activities

Welcome to a delicious feast of preschool Thanksgiving worksheets and activities! I have put together a cornucopia of fun, helping you have a happy turkey time this Thanksgiving. Gobble 'til you Wobble! Hey, what do you like to do for preschool Thanksgiving fun?

Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving Party Lesson Plan
Thanksgiving Worksheets Needed:
Indian Headband or, Pilgrim Bonnet or, Pilgrim Hat,
First Thanksgiving Story, Thanksgiving Food Memory Match, Musical Turkeys,
Turkey Talkers, Gratitude Guessing Game, Build Mr. Turkey

Thanksgiving Invites

Turkey Time

Thanksgiving Worksheets

Thanksgiving Language

First Thanksgiving Story
(A good old Fashioned pilgrim story with pictures)

Thanksgiving Math

Thanksgiving Food Memory Match
(The tastiest memory match you will ever play)

Thanksgiving Music

Musical Turkeys
(Get those gobblers moving, while matching colorful turkeys and feathers)

Ten Little Turkeys
(Ten little turkey friends singing a fun little song)

Thanksgiving Art

Build Mr. Turkey
(A 3D turkey that looks good enough to eat)

Dinner Mat: Indian Weave
(A fun paper weaving dinner mat craft)

Dinner Mat: Mayflower
(When the weaving is done, you'll have a fun Mayflower dinner mat)

Gratitude Guessing Game
(A drawing game of giving thanks)

Pilgrim Bonnet
(A perfect bonnet to make a pretty pilgrim)

Pilgrim Hat
(A handsome hat for any proper pilgrim)

Indian Headband
(A happy headband to make an Indian brave)

Turkey Bean Bag
(A terrific little turkey bean bag)
(click here for some great bean bag activities ideas)

Christmas Science

Turkey Talkers
(Two cans are perfect for talking turkey)

Thanksgiving Activities

Activities Crazy Thanksgiving Word Rhymes
Help your child think of some Thanksgiving words like; turkey, yummy, pilgrim, rolls, cornucopia. Then have fun making words that rhyme with each Thanksgiving word. They don't have to be real words, just have fun making up crazy rhymes like; burkey, lurkey, zurkey, murkey. A great way to have some preschool Thanksgiving fun!

Activities Feather Art
Get a collection of feathers and paint. Let you child use the feathers as paint brushes or glue the feathers onto a paper then let your child paint over them.

Activities Feather Floaters
Get a handful of feathers and a blow dryer. Let your child hold the blow dryer and try to keep the feathers in the air. You can also try blowing on the feathers to keep them in the air.

Activities Gratitude Add-On
Have your child think of something he is thankful for and an action to go with it. Then you think of something you are thankful for and come up with an action. Say the one your child thought of first, then say yours. Then it's your child's turn to add another one. Keep going and see how many words and actions you can remember in a row.

Activities Popcorn Popping Catchers
Show your child some corn kernels and explain that the Indians taught the pilgrims how to grow corn by planting kernels in the ground. Then explain that kernels are also used to make popcorn. Place some oil in the bottom of a pan and pour the kernels in. Turn the stove onto medium-high heat. Shake the pan occasionally to keep from burning. Explain that the heat will make the kernels get so hot inside that they pop open. When it is finished, give your child a plastic cup and toss up some of the popcorn and have him try to catch it in his cup.

Activities Popcorn Words
Pop some popcorn and help your child make words using the popcorn. Also, try making a popcorn maze that your child can use his finger to get through.

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