Kids Healthy Eating Tips

Kids Healthy Eating Tips

You don't have to eat broccoli with just a fork, unless you want to :)

To pack in the nutrition you don't need a special recipe for asparagus and cauliflower and quinoa and mangoes,


Sneak in the Nutrition

How it works:

1 - Buy fruits, vegetables, grains and other healthy foods.  (Check out my food nutrition page)

2 - Sneak all the healthy foods that you have into the recipes you are making.

That's it!  Go to my recipe page to get ideas on how I get sneaky.

My Healthy Eating Tips:

Know The Why: A great motivation for me to eat healthy foods is to know what these foods are doing for my body and why these foods are awesome for my family.  Check out my food nutrition page to get some great information.

Buying Healthy Foods: It can be overwhelming to overhaul the entire diet but if you just start small, then step by step you can improve the nutrition in your meals.  When you go grocery shopping try to just buy the healthy options, low in sugar and with real ingredients, not processed and chemical ones.  If you read what are the ingredients in a food and you don't know what they are, then it's probably a processed food.  Like Jillian Michaels says, “If it didn't have a mother and it didn't grow from the ground, don't eat it.”

My Healthy Eating Excuses:

Feeding kids healthy food is expensive!  This was probably my biggest concern until realized I didn’t have to buy organic foods from specialty health food stores.  I was able find healthy foods at my local grocery store, like a bag of beans, a box of flax seed, a bag of brown rice, a bag of frozen fruit and some veggies.  I did had to pass over some non-essential foods to be able to buy the essential ones.  A cool thing happened though, when our food had more nutrition, it filled up my family's bellies quicker, which meant I didn’t have to buy as much food, which equals saved money. Crazy huh!

My kids won’t eat healthy food!  All right then, I thought of what my family was eating and starting throwing in healthy foods.  I then began replacing the processed foods with whole foods, made from real ingredients, not chemicals, and kept sneaking all the good stuff in.  Pretty soon my meals were packed with more natural goodness and my family still ate it all!

Making healthy food takes more time!  Okay, yes, that is correct.  It does take me more time to cook brown rice or beans.  It does take me more time to blend in nutritious ingredients, but I try not to focus on the time I am losing but instead I focus on the healthy lifestyle and energy I am gaining.  I have had to put aside some less important things in my schedule to make time to cook up some grains or blend up some healthy snacks.  I also like to cook in big batches, when I have time, and then freeze what I don’t need right away.  This way I can just pull it out of the freezer when I’m ready for it.


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