About Me

Hi, I'm Melissa


Random Interests:
I earned a black belt, back in the day, and maybe someday will have time to take classes again. One day, when I have more time, I'd love to weave baskets, practice calligraphy and get some sweet muscles. Cooking, taking a nap, playing the guitar or the piano, make me very happy.

Interesting Fact:
I’ve owned a hamster, a ferret, two fish, two birds, a frog, two Siamese cats, two dogs, two guinea pigs and a horse. Not all at the same time.

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I love my church! Check out my Mormon.org page.

Favorite Past Time:
Give me a book with a love story and a happy ending, throw in a soft couch and I’m in heaven.

Favorite Team:
Indianapolis Colts ROCK!! but no, I am not from Indiana.

Future Dreams:
Don’t laugh, but I would really like to write novels and go back to school to get about eight degrees in all the things I'm interested in.


My Family: I’m a mom of five little, wild things and married to Mr. Awesome. I get to stay home and try to control the chaos. It‘s the best job in the world!

Artistic Beginnings: Now jumping back to when I was a little sprout, dreaming of growing up and being an artist. I would spend hours and hours copying cartoon characters and doodling away in class. When the time came to take the big step into college, which I found quite terrifying, I chose fine art as my major. I didn’t have high hopes of making a living off my degree, I just couldn’t see myself being happy doing anything else.

I loved spending hours with paints and pencils, but for some reason I always ended up with more paint on me than on the canvas. Interestingly enough, I did take a graphic art class but did not like it. My strong feeling was that art made on the computer could not compare with the brush or a pencil. I didn‘t even give it a chance.

Through my classes, there was one thing that was always nagging at me, my perfectionist self. Picking apart every detail, there was always some level of dissatisfaction with my finished work.

Married Life: In the midst of all this, I met and married my man, putting school on hold. I jumped around doing random jobs here and there, nothing too exciting. Well, the candy factory was pretty cool, for the first couple hours. After a year of job hopping, I decided I really wanted to finish my associate degree and that I did.

With degree in hand, I got a stellar job at a scrapbook company, working in the art department. This is where I was fully introduced to, and fell in love with, my second soul mate, Illustrator. Yes, I know I said I hated doing art on the computer but once I used the undo button for the first time, I was sold. Graphic art was perfect for a perfectionist, such as myself. I could move images around, change colors and the best part, no messy Melissa.

My Babies: Life moved on and along came my babies. Not all at the same time, of course. Quitting my wonderful job, I chose to be a full-time mom. I did small computer projects here and there, but nothing serious.

When, my boys were old enough to do preschool, I decided to put my computer skills to use and make some worksheets. They were a hit and I kept making more. I starting thinking, huh, why not make a website and share these, instead of just throwing them away. My friend had a very successful Site Build It site and I decided to check it out.

Now, I had zero skills in web building, but Site Build It was perfect. With the never-ending support of my husband and mom, a lot of help from my dad, the computer brains, slowly my website came about.

So Here We Are: So here we are. I love working on my site and being able to always have a project for my “Mommy Time”. It’s exciting to be able to make fun things for my kids, who are my little slave drivers, always asking when I‘ll be done with the next project. I feel I can finally call myself an artist, because I truly love the art I’m creating. I’m excited to see what projects are in my future and someday, I'll pick up my brushes again.


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