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Preschool Lesson Plans

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  • Completely free, simple and easy to put together
  • Supplies: Inexpensive and most are everyday items
  • Worksheets: Easy instructions and can be downloaded from my website
  • Activities: Alternate between sitting and moving around, to help keep children engaged and invovled

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Welcome to my lesson plans, I hope you will find what you were looking for and maybe even find something helpful that you weren't. I've divided my plans into three different categories, to help make it easier to search through. I also have a search box at the top of each page, which really speeds things up and an index that lists all the main categories. When you do find something you are interested in, I've added a preview image so that you can see exactly what you are downloading. Each download is free and without any need to login or pay a fee.

If would like to just use the worksheets from the plans, check out my preschool worksheets. I have them divided into six different categories: Language, Math, Music, Science, Art, and Holiday. The focus of each worksheet is to help make learning fun by making each one more than just fill in the blank, but a hands-on activity. The materials needed are from every-day, simple items, which keeps it simple but fun.

I would love to hear about how your preschool experience is coming along, the good and the bad. If you ever need a special lesson plan or have a great idea and want to see it made, just let me know and I might be able to help. Then we all can enjoy it! Looking for a way to keep up with what is happening? Then let's be friends on Facebook. I hope you enjoy my lesson plans and find exactly what you are looking for.

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